Chef Federico López,graduated of the Culinary Institute of America, is well known for its high-end gourmet catering service. It has an impeccable reputation as a provider of first class, serving customers ranging from large companies and organizations, to couples and small groups looking special banquets.

Chef Federico López, can customized the menu to fit your needs, and provide all levels of service that includes: buffet style, receptions, and much more.


Through many years of experience, Chef Federico Lopez has formed an extensive curriculum, that include studies and specialties out of Mexico, like the Culinary Institute of America, conferences in many places of Mexico and the United States and countless awards and prizes.

And now, among his many activities, has added classes in "Taller Gourmet", where anyone can learn to cook of one of the best chefs of today that there are in Mexico.


Chef Federico Lopez shares his recipes with you!

Now you can surprise your family and friends knowing the secrets of some of the best recipes from the Chef, who delighted a lot and discover that you can also do it.

If you want to learn more about cooking, come to our classes at the Taller Gourmet.

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Chef Federico Lopez is one of the most influential chefs in Mexican cuisine. Regarded as a chef media within the high Mexican cuisine, has been honored by multiple companies and other media throughout his career, as well, as personal recognition by various personalities from the artistic and political persons.

Chef Federico López Chef Federico López
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